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    Dairy Products & Dry Fruits

    To supply good and safe milk & milk products consistently through continual improvement of our systems and practices.

  • Variety of Foods

    Lots of Variety Of Products

    Food variety means eating a wide variety of foods from each of the five food groups, in the amounts recommended.

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    Instant Food for Hunger

    People who love to eat are always the best people.

About Us

Nate Mawawala products, one of the famous milk products since 1996,
is been in use in thousands of houses in Mumbai. Milk, Paneer , Mava and many other good quality milk products have made Nate Mawawala
a leading food brand in Mumbai. Today Nate Mawawala is a symbol of high-quality milk products sold at reasonable prices. Its popular among
children and adults because of it's essential nutrients it offers. Loved by all.

Our Services

Sweet Shops

Located in Goregaon station, Nate Mawawala is a well-known name throughout the city. This shop started out in 2006 and till date they have maintained best quality. Whether you’re looking for sweets, Milk Product, Mawa Products or even some Indian snacks, they’ve got it all. You can also order their products online!

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Paneer Wholesalers

We are Nate Mawawala Dairy Products, We sale good quality and 100% Natural Paneer. We Have lots Of Variety of Paneer like Fresh White Paneer, Special Malai Paneer And many more. We also Provide Other services like Dairy Product Retailers, Milk Dairy, Butter Dealers, Shrikhand Retailers, Paneer Wholesalers etc.

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Home Delivery

We also provide free home delivery service to our customers, You can order your food by call us or Online, You will get it directly at your home. We have fastest delivery service.

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Ladoo Retailers

In Our Shop We Sale Bundi ladoo is a classic Indian sweet dish made from Besan consumed throughout the country and Truly Rich in taste. You will get variety of Ladoos In Our Natemawawala shop.

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